Jesus Appearing to Sailor's Guiding Them to a Safe Port
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Stella Maris Chapel


Welcome to The Stella Maris Chapel Website.
We are happy that you stopped by.

Located in the center of the Port of NY / NJ presents us with a special opportunity.

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Being the second busiest Port in the USA enables us to serve many individuals.
The Holy Eucharist is the focus of our attention.
It is the basis for all we think, say and do.
Please come by in person.
We would love to meet you and celebrate Mass together.

Thank you,
Fr John Corbett

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The Lighthouse of Stella Maris … The Lighthouse's lights guide mariners into safe harbors .
An original design in stained glass by one of our parishioners - Ronald J Petrocelli. Ronald was the last link in the history and the most knowledgable person on the waterfront linking the East Coast's Past and the Brooklyn Waterfront, where men loaded LCL (loose cargo vessels) ship's manually and was instrumental in the creation and operation of the the new container led industry of the massive container ships in Port Newark and Port Elizabeth.

Ronald Petrocelli, you will be missed. One of our Stella Maris Chapel's most notable parishioners who has been followed by his third generation sons on the NJ Waterfront, James Micheal and Joseph Francis Petrocelli.

God bless you in heaven Ronald.

From The Washington Post:

“All the stars come to Stella Maris,” Moni said. “Let me tell ya.”
It is an eclectic constellation. Longshoremen pray two pews from armed U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents, and crane operators offer peace to curiosity seekers as big rigs rumble past the Nativity scene outside all year on Corbin Street, a main corridor. To be heard, they sing above a chorus of train whistles and truck horns. As Christmas delivery deadlines loom during the supply-chain crisis, cranes beep, chassis rattle and the chapel vibrates when trucks pass. At night, Corbett sleeps on a Murphy bed in his small office. To meditate, he wears silicone earplugs.

Contact Info:

Father John Corbett
170 Corbin Street; Newark, NJ
. 07114

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